This city in Mexico is famous for being a beach resort city. Let us look at some of the most visited spots in this city.
La Quebrada
This place is considered as the most beautiful & attractive tourist place in Mexico City. Divers from all across the world come & become entertainers for other tourists by showcasing their diving skills. Diving was not always permitted at this place earlier until the year 1934. There are 2 ledges from where the divers can jump down one placed at 12 m height & another on 24 m height.
Fort of San Diego
This fort was built by the Spanish emperors & was considered as one of the most important ports along the Pacific coast. Built in around the 17th century, it was again restructured in the 18th century. Today, this fort is serving as one of the Museum of the city to the tourists that visit Acapulco.
Isla El Morro
This is an Island spread in the area of 200 m in front of the Playa Condesa beach. Along one side of this island is a broken staircase, if climbed one can explore a fountain built there in around 18th century.