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Accra city is situated on the Atlantic coast of West Africa & is the capital of the city Ghana. A park namely Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park was built in here to pay a tribute to the first president of the Accra city. Let us look at some of the tops must visit the city.

Independence Arc
This arc holds the Independence Square which was the significance of Ghana’s struggle journey. This square is considered as the 2nd largest square across the globe. Till the year 2011, tourists were not allowed to click pictures of the monuments or else, but now after the craze of travel, the government takes no strict actions on this now.

Osu Castle
This castle is located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea. This was the first coast that was built by the Denmark-Norway in the 17th century. This castle holds history in itself as the seat of the government. The ones who are interested in history are advised to must visit this place.

National Museum of Ghana
This museum is one of the 6 oldest museums that are under Ghana government. This museum was opened in the year 1957 for public visit. This place will help you learn a lot more about Ghanaian culture & structures.


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