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Albany city is the capital on New York. There are a lot of places that can be explored in Albany city. Let us have a look at 3 of such places.

Empire State Plaza
This plaza was built in between the year 1965-76 & is assumed to have spent around $2 million in it’s structuring & making. This plaza is basically a hub of houses of the members of legislative assembly member’s. You can visit this plaza & understand about the city’s history along with some amazing architectural view.

New York State Capitol
This is the place is where the seat of the Government is & it lay in the Empire State Plaza itself. This place was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1978. Visit this place to encounter the amazing architecture of an era where machines where not so common.

USS Slater
This is a Cannon-class destroyed escort that lived by the US Navy & afterwards by the Hellenic Navy. The name of the ship has a different story to tell which goes like a sailor named Frank O. Slater of Alabama who was murdered by the USS San Francisco cruiser while the Naval battle of Guadalcanal.


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