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Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city that is to be found in the high deserts. When in Albuquerque you must go & visit these places & do these things for ones at least.

Must See Albuquerque Museum
This museum is an art museum located in the Old Town Albuquerque. This museum is known for keeping the American Southwest art preserved & also the history of the city. Once you are in this museum you will surely come out with various beautiful pictures in your mind.

Must Visit & see ABQ BioPark- Zoo
This is actually a botanical museum situated in this beautiful city. In this botanical museum, you can experience a 285,000 gallons ocean tank Aquarium. Next, you have ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden spread in 36- acre of land. Further, you can see Rio Grande Zoo with an area of 64- acre & lastly a beach namely Tingley Beach. This BioPark has to be in your must-visit list for the reasons mentioned above.

Must See Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre
This center is possessed & ran by 19 Indian Pueblos. This center is devoted to the conserving & maintenance of Indian Pueblo Culture, their history & art. This place is a non-profitable place and was basically designed to promote the Pueblo people & their culture. You must visit this place & learn a bit more about this place. There are a few activities which this city of Albuquerque offers you.

Go Experience Sandia Peak Tramway
Go & experience this floating tramway that lies in between the north edge of the city to the Crestline of the Sandia Mountain. This tramway is the world’s third longest one. Also, it is the first largest tram located in the US. Make sure you try this tramway & capture a breathtaking view from a great height.

Go Hiking on La Zul Trail
This trail is a hiking point located in the western region of the Sandia Peak. This trail is an 8-mile long trail that began from La Zul Trailhead & go up to either Sandia Peak or Sandia Crestline. Do go hiking at this place & experience beauty from another angle.


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