Boarding process made super easy for United Airlines Booking

United Airlines is one of the major airlines in the American aviation sector. It is the first choice that pops up whenever fliers from America think about an air travel, be it international or domestic. The airlines always aims to improve your travel experience without digging a hole in your pocket. This is why the airlines comes up with more facilities for its fliers every time and now. Moving forward with this legacy, United Airlines Booking bring out for you detailed Boarding Process to help you be aware and ease off on your actual travel.


The team at United are dedicated to provide convenience and comfort throughout your journey with them and are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience. As per the feedback from our frequent fliers we have updated a few things about our Boarding process.


As soon as you get at the airport will see some new boarding lane signs in the gate area that will guide you through the boarding process. Now there are going to be two lanes that are color coded:

  • Group 1 will board via the blue lane
  • Group 2 will board via the green lane.
  • The fliers for Groups 3-5 will then board through the green lane,
  • The fliers of Groups 1 and 2 can continue to board through the blue lane.

United Airlines encourage you to make yourself comfortable while you wait for your group to be called, and the fliers will be informed accordingly. However, late arriving fliers in Groups 1 and 2 are welcome to continue boarding through the blue lane at any time. Know more about this at United Airlines Official Site.


The boarding groups are classified as per the information provided by the fliers at the time of United Airlines Booking.


  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Customers with disabilities
  • Active members of the military
  • Families traveling with infants age 2 and younger
  • United Global Services members
  • Premier 1K members

Group 1

  • Premier Gold members
  • Premier Platinum members
  • Star Alliance Gold members
  • Customers seated in premium cabins: United Polaris, United Business and United First.

Group 2

  • Customers who have purchased Priority Boarding or Premier Access
  • Premier Silver members Star Alliance Silver members
  • United Explorer, Presidential Plus, Club, and Awards Card members

Groups 3–5

  • Economy Plus
  • United Economy
  • Basic Economy footnote

So as per your United Airlines Reservations, you get to board into the flight.


United Airlines Booking however provide you the following tips to enhance your experience

  • Arrive well in time
  • Listen for your boarding group number
  • Find your seat
  • Purchase Priority Boarding
  • Premier Access

If you have any other query you can get in touch of experts at United Airlines Official Site.

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