It is possible that you can transfer your miles to your spouse if they are a few miles short of booking an award flight. However, you’ll get a lesser value of your rewards when you transfer miles. If your spouse needs a larger number of miles you can make the flight booking directly under their name from your account.

How to transfer United Miles to Spouse? 

United Airlines miles can be earned in a lot of different ways. You can fly with the airline using the united cobranded credit cards tool. You can have a lot of excess miles that you’d like to give or transfer to someone else. If you want to do it, here’s the process on how you can do it:-

  • Go on the united airlines mileage plus website and log in to your account adding the login credentials.
  • Scroll down and go on the buy or transfer miles option.
  • Then go on transfer miles to another person.
  • Select or add the number of miles you want to transfer. You can then enter the recipient’s name. Then add the mileage plus number and also the email address.
  • Check the transfer fee in the next step and then continue to transfer the miles.


  • Only miles up to 100,000 can be transferred in a year from one account.
  • The transfers are non-refundable.
  • It takes up to 48 hours to complete the transfer request.

How to transfer United miles for free?

United Miles can be easily transferred but for a fee and along with some limitations. The frequent flyer program limit transfer of miles between accounts. United airlines only allow frequent flyers to transfer only 15,000 miles a very year. They are charged 1.5 cents per mile transferred along with a fee of $35 for processing.

The limitations apply for transferring miles to immediate family members like spouses or children. You can also check the fee online for the transfer of miles.

In some extreme and rare circumstances, points transfers are not allowed. This also includes transferring the ticket to a different passenger’s name.

The value of frequent flyer miles goes less than the transfer cost per mile. United charges more for transferring miles than what they are worth.

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Cost to transfer united miles to spouse?

Transferring miles is an easy process but undoubtedly expensive. You’ll have to pay $7.50 for every 500 miles transferred along with a processing fee of $30 per transaction.

Transfers for united miles are allowed between 500 and 5000 miles but in increments of 500. Transfer for miles between 5000 and 100,000 can be done in increments of 1000. Fees are charged accordingly for the transfers. United costs more to transfer a mile than the worth of a mile.

Can you transfer united miles to a family member?

Yes, United miles can be transferred to immediate family members like spouses, children or parents. As per the rules, united airlines only allows a transfer of 15,000 miles every year for a family member. It also charges a fee for the transfer which is 1.5 cents per mile along with a $35 processing fee.

Miles can be transferred by following all the rules and limitations. Mile transfers can be useful at times but they should not be frequently used. The case in which miles should be transferred is when some are short of a few miles for a reward flight.

Mile transfers are usually a bad deal as they are charged very high. A transfer fee of $7.5 is charged for every 500 miles which makes it 1.5 cents per mile. And as per the calculations, united airlines’ miles are worth 1.4 cents each normally. So it is not worth transferring them.

Transfer of miles usually erases the value of miles as the normal value of miles is $7 for 500 miles and you have to pay $7.5 for transferring 500 miles which does not make sense. Apart from this, a processing fee is charged which is not worth it.

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Can husband and wife share united miles?

Husband and wife can share miles if they have a combined account and both of them are enrolled as members from the very beginning. If they are not enrolled as members of the same account they cannot share miles. However, they can transfer miles to their spouse’s mileage plus account. United Airlines charges a fee for the transfer of miles which is usually higher than the actual value of miles, but it is good to transfer miles to your spouse’s account if they are short a few miles from a reward flight.

Can I add my wife to my united mileage plus account?

Mileage plus accounts cannot be merged if they belong to the same person. The name must be matching for both accounts including the first and last name. The accounts must be open and in good standing. For award miles accrued, awards issued, and bonuses offered for flights and they are subject to the rules of the United Mileage Plus program.

Most of the frequent flyer programs only allow members to credit miles to the account of the person that is flying. Putting the same frequent flyer number for two different passengers does not work because the account name must match the ticket name to redeem miles or to book a united airlines flight.

Can my husband and I combine our United miles?

Your spouse must be enrolled as a member of the Mileage Plus program under their name and should not be the companion of another Million Miler. The benefit of companions is non-transferable and awarded on annual basis.

If the companion is not enrolled initially as a member, united miles cannot be combined but can be transferred with a fee. Transferring miles does not makes sense as they are charged higher than the actual value of miles.

If you face any issue then talk to a live person at united airlines for help.