United Airlines (or United), is a prominent American airline having headquarter at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois, the US. A large domestic and international route network is operated by United Airlines with a widespread presence in the Asia-Pacific region. United flies to 231 destinations and 125 international destinations in 48 countries and covers five continents. United Airlines operated a fleet of 778 aircraft consisting of all Boeing and Airbus as of March 2019. Find the inner traveler within you with United Online Booking which offers significant deals and discounts to make your trip even more memorable and amazing.FACILITIES FOR DISABLED PASSENGERS

United Airlines is committed to providing suitable, convenient and comfortable services to each of our customers. The information mentioned below is provided to assist customers having a disability in planning a trip with us. Each person with a disability is different, and you are the paramount judge of the services and facilities that you require. Please communicate your preferred level of assistance to our employees in case we’re doing more or less than you need. Also, please let our airport employees and in-flight crew members know of your special needs during your travel in addition to requesting special assistance when making your reservation. Friendly reminders to our staff members are always contemplated and appreciated as they will help us place a face with a request for your assistance. United Airlines suggests all passengers travel with vital medications in a carry-on bag that can be stored under the seat in front of the customer for quick access whenever needed. In case, your travel includes a carrier other than United, you can check directly with that carrier for your essential travel needs, as different procedures and policies may apply. Book your safest and convenient flight at United Airlines Reservations, and avail the kind of journey that is suitable for you.CODESHARE SERVICES

The rules written in United’s Contract of Carriage on their website with concern to ticketing will apply to United’s Code share services on flights that are operated by some other carrier. Each of the Code share partners holds some terms and conditions concerning the operation of its own flights which may be different from those outlined in United’s Contract of Carriage related to the flights operated by United. The terms and conditions, which are contained in the partner’s contract of carriage for that partner’s flights, are incorporated into the United’s Contract of Carriage by reference. They apply to Code share services provided by United on a flight operated by that partner, which surpass United’s rules that would be applicable otherwise. The terms and conditions may differ between United and the partner, but are not limited to:

  • check-in time limits;
  • unaccompanied minors;
  • carriage of animals;
  • refusal to transport;
  • oxygen service;
  • irregular operations;
  • denied boarding compensation;
  • baggage acceptance, allowance, and liability;
  • smoking

If you have any queries or questions regarding booking a flight, you are free to contact United Reservations. Our purpose is to make every flight a comfortable and pleasant experience for our customers.