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Savannah, Georgia is known for its beautiful cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and centuries-old trees draped in Spanish moss not only in the United States but outside as well due to its powerful portrayal in literature and arts. The whole Historic District appears to be something straight from the pages of a storybook! Feel the aura of the incredible restaurants, numerous sites of historical significance and vibrant art scene, and you’ll realize why it’s a great place to visit. Here are a few things to do in Savannah if you decide to make a trip anytime soon (which I highly recommend you do)! Here in Savannah, you can do it all. You can stroll through the garden squares of Downtown Savannah, or if you want to let loose and enjoy the vibrant Savannah nightlife, it’s all here for you. Romance, adventure, and Southern charm make up Georgia’s most unique coastal city. It’s all happening in Savannah. Fly comfortably and safely to this great destination via United Airlines Booking.

Architectural Tours of Savannah

You will find yourself captivated by the beautiful architecture in Savannah, and you’re not the only one! Many of the homes have detailed façades that practically beg for a closer inspection. SCAD graduate Jonathan Stalcup and local authors host a walking tour of 90 minutes that consistently draws 5-star reviews from the tourists. It’s one of my favorite ways to appreciate the finer details of this beautiful city! 

Shop in the Downtown Savannah

You can find the most exciting shops in Savannah in the Downtown Design District on Whitaker Street between Charlton Lane and Gaston. In the presence of the winding back alleys resembling the centuries-old European villages full of hidden gardens walled by decaying brick, this shopping area is considered to be one of Savannah’s attractions for high-end tourists. One of the best shops is One Fish, Two Fish at the corner of Whitaker and Jones. Yes, that’s Jones Street! (Jones Street is considered to be the prettiest street in Savannah, GA!) Most of the buildings from Jones street date from the 1850s-1860s. You can also explore the Broughton Street, as this avenue is a hub of unique shops and art galleries, as well as an afternoon tea experience at Gryphon Tea Room and boisterous bars. Plan your exciting trip here booking with United Airlines Reservations.

Forsyth Park Tour

No visit to Savannah is completed without a trip to Forsythe Park to see the most alluring water fountains. It is right dab in the center of the park. The park itself is surrounded by beautiful mansions that have been restored. They make for beautiful scenery as you stroll in the park. This is surely the best thing to do in Savannah, Georgia, probably one of the most famous Savannah attractions.

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