Every individual today has a packed schedule. None of us has schedules in which we have some time for our personal things. Most of the people try to complete all their tasks on their holidays or weekend. So, when individuals have such a packed schedule why would not, they want to save time while travelling.

Air transportation has made saving time and reaching the destination very easy. But just reaching the destination on time is not only important. People look for various other facilities that any airline offers them. One of the airlines known for catering to all the needs of flyers is united airlines.

United airlines focus a lot on offering services and plan to their flyers which not only make their trip easy but also affordable. One of such things is the mileage plus program. All of us know how important it is to use the things which keep our trip under our budget. Gone are those days when people had to make a hole in their pockets for flying from one destination to another.

All the information here will help you in knowing each detail about MileagePlus points or miles. You will get to know how can you redeem these points and much more additional information. But before we get to know the additional information about the points or miles of united, it is important to know what it is exactly.

About the Mileage plus program

United Airlines have set up the mileage plus program for all their flyers. It makes it possible for flyers to earn and use the miles on every purchase they make. Whether an individual book the flight tickets, book a hotel, rent a car etc, everything helps them in earning it.

United airlines operate seven hubs and allow flyers to go around endless destinations of the world. This program is known to have a huge list of award destinations, and it even offers various ways to earn and redeem miles.

After knowing what is mileage plus program is, another thing that people want to know is how do I use my united plus points? Knowing about the ways is very important. This is because if an individual does not know about it then there is no benefit of these points or programs. Go through the information below to find out everything about the same. 

Ways to use united plus points

There are various ways an individual can choose to redeem the miles. The flyers who ask this question how do I claim my MileagePlus points? You will find the detailed answer to your query in the information below.

Starting with the award redemption, there are two types in this one. United Airlines offers its flyers different types of award seats. Better the seat and cabin, more will be the miles to make the reservation then.

Here are the two kinds of award redemption-

  • Saver awards 

Talking about this type, this one is quite cheaper when it comes to the number of miles used to make the booking. If you are looking for a domestic economy flight, then these vary from 5000 to 12000 miles. It changes according to the type of flight you want to make a booking for. 

  • Everyday awards

This is the second type and the availability of these types of awards is much more than the saver awards. You will find more seats for this one as compared to the first one. But the number of miles needed for this is more as compared to the saver ones. 

United airlines allow passengers of the elite status to book even the last seat for this type of award. They don’t have any restrictions to make the bookings. 

There are other ways too which are considered the good ways. These are the ways that the flyers can rely on to claim these. Here are the ones which you can use by using the information given below-

  • Upgradation

Upgrading your seat to the better or the premium class is one of the best ways to use your miles. The reason why this method is considered very good is that when an individual does the up-gradation, they get back the value which is more than 1 per cent each mile. The amount of the upgrade relies completely on the class of your current ticket. When you decide to upgrade it, it will cost more.

  • Free flight 

Another very good way to do the redemption is a free flight. This option also allows the flyers to get the redemption that gives you the value of 1 per cent per mile. So, one can surely use this way too. 

Additional ways to redeem miles

Apart from all the ways mentioned above, there are various other ways which an individual can use. Let’s get to know about those ways here-

  • Make the booking for a hotel

An individual is eligible for using miles for making the booking for any hotel at whichever destination they are at. There is an online hotel booking portal of the united airline, so the flyers can use it.

  • Redemption for events 

Another way is that you can use the miles for some events. At present this option isn’t available because of the widespread coronavirus around the world.

  • Purchase the gift cards

The passengers are eligible for using their miles to purchase electronic gift cards from various restaurants and retailers. The stores even include Apple, Starbucks and Walmart.

  • Car Rentals 

An individual can use the miles to make the booking for car rentals too. You can do it via dollar,Hertz or Thrifty through the MileagePlus Car Awards booking portal.

  • Do the shopping

There is aMileagePlus Merchandise portal that enables flyers to use their miles for shopping different variety of things. People get to buy things like electronics, jewellery, sports equipment’s and so much more.

Process one needs to follow for using the miles

There are endless reasons why individuals rely on this program. There are various reasons for which people get to be a part of the mileage plus program. Most of the flyers of united airlines are unaware of the steps an individual needs to follow to use their miles. 

To make sure that every passenger can follow the procedure very well, united airlines has set up the procedure which all the people understand easily and can even follow it. Most of the time, people are not able to follow it because they don’t have enough knowledge to follow these steps. 

The flyers can use it for both domestic and international flights. Let’s now see all the steps that an individual has to follow-

  • Open the official site of united airlines or simply write “united.com”.
  • On the home page of the official website, you need to enter importantly and needed information. This information is related to your origin-destination, your final destination, number of flyers and your date of travelling. Also, you can even choose the type of trip i.e., round trip, one-way, multi-city. 
  • Here, you will see a check box. Make sure to tick that check box. This checkbox will be related to searching for award travel. If you want to make the booking for a non-stop flight that is also possible. Also, you will find the different flight options for business class, first-class and business class too. 
  • In this step, you will see the award availability depending on the date you mentioned in the steps above. Also, there will be two types of awards mentioned. You need to choose from the “every day” and “saver” awards. 
  • Once you select the choice of your award, go through all the information once again. This is to avoid any issues later. 
  • Finally, here, you need to mention the number of miles you are willing to use and also choose the seat. The flyers who choose the seat with more legroom will have to pay even more. 

Make sure that the steps mentioned above are followed in the same manner and right order. 

How many miles does it take for a free flight on United?

Another most asked question by the flyers of the united airline is that how many miles do it to make their flight cost-free. If you are willing to fly without paying anything and just the miles, then one must know that it depends on the class you are flying with.

The people who are willing to fly in the economy class need 12500 miles. On the other hand, the flyers who are willing to fly in business class need around 25000 to 50000 miles. So, now one knows How many miles do you need for a free flight on United?

How much is 50000 miles worth united?

If you have 50000 miles, then their worth is about $500.

In addition to this, people also ask Do MileagePlus miles expire? SO, the answer to this query is that No, the miles do not expire.