United Airlines is a major airline that operates in more than 300 destinations. Flights travel to all six commutable continents. It is a prestigious and premium airlines that provides excellent in-flight service and outstanding amenities. However, to run such an airlines, requires rules & regulations. And United Airlines follows these rules strictly. And so passengers seeking answers for United Airlines transfer ticket to another person will have to face dissatisfaction. United Airlines follows its rules and abides by them, in order to stand up to the standards it has set for itself. Passengers will have to understand the fact that United Airlines cannot allow transfer of ticket.

United Airlines Transfer Ticket

Can You Transfer United Airlines Ticket to Someone Else?

As, one of the popular commercial carrier, it has its own policies. And its reservation policies does not allow ticket holders to shift their names or the ticket to any other person. They follow the rules to maintain any discrepancy or avoid any fraud passengers. It is maintained for the safety of the co-passengers.

Further, airlines that offers transferable tickets cost higher than new bookings. The passengers will have to bear the cost of the transfer along with the cost of ticket. Whereas if you cancel the ticket and re-book united airlines tickets, it may cost you less. Instead of asking can we transfer united flight ticket to another person? It is best to understand why and how. And to understand better about the terms and conditions of the tickets, it is necessary to learn about transfer and non-transfer of tickets.

Transferable Ticket-

Transferable tickets, allow the passenger to transfer the ticket in the name of other passenger. If the passengers against whom the booking has been placed, is unable to board the flight, it can be transferred to anyone else. Though there are standard procedure for it. Some low cost-carrier airlines offer transferable tickets.

Non-Transferable ticket-

Tickets that cannot be transferred in the name of any other passenger, are the non-transferrable ticket. Most airlines offers non-transferable tickets. Among these, United Airlines is one of the airline that offers non-transferrable tickets. Therefore, passengers asking can we transfer united flight ticket to another person? Will have to return unhappy. As with non-transferable tickets, it is not possible to make any transfers.

Key Notes:

  • United Airlines Tickets are non-transferrable.
  • Only Change of name is allowed under strict set of rules.
  • 24 hour window is available for cancellation against full refund, so that new bookings can be made.
  • Any other changes in the United Airlines flights will not be allowed for Economy Class. Changes against charges are allowed for other class for refundable tickets.

Can you transfer united airline ticket to someone else’s name?

This is a widely asked question. But the answer to this is comparatively simple and straightforward. No, you cannot transfer flight tickets of United Airlines. Passengers in such situations also tend to refer to the name changing of the passenger as a remedy, which is very wrong. United Airlines, does not easily allow change of names as well. Only few under few circumstances will you be allowed to change your names in your flight ticket.

  • Correct spelling in the first, middle or last name of the passenger.
  • To add or remove titles of the passenger or correct them.
  • Change from name to nickname or vice versa.
  • Add middle name or last name to the existing ticket.

Even these changes require proper documentation by the government. If proper documentation cannot be produced than the changes will not be acceptable. Also, when any passengers produce divorce, marriage or other name changing documents, it will be accepted to change the name of the passenger. The changing of name is also quite tricky.

Apart from these circumstance, no passenger will be allowed to make any United Airlines transfer ticket to someone else under any circumstance. Illness or even demise of the passengers does not permit of a transfer of ticket. Though in such matters, the passengers will have full refund on submission of documents.  

Remedies for the transfer of United Airlines tickets

If you have the query can we transfer united flight ticket to another person? Then this will help you find some helpful resolutions for the same. Though passengers cannot make the transfer, still they can try some effective ways to deal with the matter. These remedies were introduced to deal with such situation, giving the ticket holder to change their minds in case of emergency matters. You can make the most of it. United Airlines values its passengers and so it wants the best for them. And here are some tricks that you can use to your favour-

24 Hour Flexible Policy

Benefit from the 24 hour Cancellation window. Cancel your tickets within 24 hours from booking and before seven days from the departure of flight. You will be eligible for full refund. After completion of the refund process, you can make new reservations for a different person, on the name of a different person. Therefore, now you do not have to worry about United Airlines transfer ticket to someone else as it can be resolved easily without any cost.

Cancellation of Ticket

Cancel your tickets as soon as you realize that you will not be travelling. The sooner you cancel, you will have to pay low cancellation charges. It is not equivalent to the full refund but it is worth the loss of full booking amount. Then, you may add-in the extra amount and make a new reservation on the name of the desired person.

Reserve Refundable Tickets

Book refundable tickets in the first place. It will save your money while cancellation. The cost of cancellation charges will be much lower, if you ever face the situation of transfer of tickets to another person. It will resolve most of the pressure from your problems.

Hence, United Airlines does have some strict rules, but it also helps its passengers. And if you still are confused whether or not can you make a United Airlines transfer ticket to another person, then the simple answer to it no, you have other remedies to help get through the matter. For any booking related queries you can check out united airlines reservations.