All you need to know about UA Reservations

According to a survey people consider waiting at the airport as the most frustrating part of travelling, and making a reservation comes at close second. While we can’t help you with the long queues at the airport, we have a solution for your booking woes. Why not pick an airline that makes booking flights an easy process? Here comes UA Reservations, the simplest way to book flights. Fasten your seatbelts as you are in for an adventurous time with UA Reservations.

Why should you choose UA Reservations for your next trip?

United is a highly customer- oriented airline. There motto is simple, if they wish to be the leader in aviation industry, they need to keep their priorities straight. Every airline’s selling point is customer experience. This is why they focus on providing a pleasant experience to their customer on all UA Reservations.

United has been honest about all of their policies. There are no hidden fees or secret terms with United. A team of skilled customer support stays ready 24/7 to handle your queries. Still in two minds? Let’s have a look at the benefits of making UA Reservations.

  • The passengers are informed about the cheapest available flight fares.
  • United notifies all its passengers about any upcoming delays, cancellations and even diversions.
  • The airlines work extra hard to make sure you get your baggage on time.
  • If UA Reservations are done using Sky Miles, you can cancel your reservations bearing no cancellation charges.
  • The refund on eligible tickets is initiated as soon as possible.
  • The airline goes extra mile to make sure its passengers with disabilities and special needs are taken care of.
  • United makes every reasonable effort to provide passengers with essential needs during long tarmac delays.
  • Follows boarding priority during over sale situations so no passenger feels cheated.
  • All the policies such as cancellation policies, Sky Miles policies and Refund Policy to name a few are written in understandable manner so that every passenger with basic knowledge of English can understand it.
  • In situations where airline has no control over, its priority is always keeping the passengers in the loop.
  • All feedbacks and complaints are looked at patiently and prompt actions are taken accordingly.

Best way to make UA Reservations

The need for aviation industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. To meet the ever increasing demand, more ways to make UA Reservations were created. In earlier times (not too far back) if you wish to buy a flight ticket, you need to arrive at the airport and wait for hours for your turn. But nowadays technology has made making reservations a piece of cake. Just go online or install the App and your bookings are confirmed within seconds.

But that does not mean old school ways of making reservations have taken a back seat. They are still used. This is why we have mentioned all the offline and online ways you can use to make UA Reservations. Let’s go through them together.

UA Reservations- Online

  • The easiest way to book flights with United is to simply visit and make your reservation there. Continue reading the blog to find out step by step process of doing that.
  • Next comes the App. Download United Airlines App on your mobile phone and make your booking. The reservation is similar to that of United’s site. The App works on both Android and iOS operated smart phones. One interesting benefit of the App is that you can save and download your digital pass there.

UA Reservations-Offline

  • The first method is the oldest method which still stands strong. Visit your nearby airport and locate the reservation desk. Speak with the staff there and get your reservation done.
  • Booking your flight via a third party or a travel agency is also quite popular nowadays. The only drawback is during cancellations and refund requests you need to talk to the travel agency and not the airline directly.
  • The passengers have the option to call United Airlines on the reservation number(check the list at the end) and get their reservations done.
  • United has ticketing offices at various places. If you happen to be living near one, go ahead and request the concerned staff at the office to help you with your reservations.

How to make UA Reservations through the official site

Like we mentioned before, booking your flight through is a straightforward process. Take this blog as your guide next time you find yourself in a fix. Just follow along:

Visit and locate “Book”. It is placed at the left side of the homepage.

Select “Book”. You will be directed to the reservations page. Enter all the details asked such as your departure and arriving destinations, how many passengers will be travelling with you, travel fare class you wish to go for. Select the kind of trip you are interested in- one-way, roundtrip or Multicity. Choose your payment options and the reservation process will commence immediately.

The airline will send you a confirmation e-mail. Keep that12- digit confirmation number with at all times as it has various functions.

United Airlines Contact Information:
UA Reservations1 800-864-8331
United Refund1-800-864-8331
Best Time to Dial3:15 PM
Current Wait26 Min
Alternative method to contactInstagram, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In

This was our attempt at making UA Reservations process easier for you. If you still have doubts, feel free to get in touch with United through various platforms. We have mentioned all the ways you can contact them in the table mentioned above.