It can happen to anyone that your plan changes, suddenly you need to cancel your flight. United Airlines understands its customer perspective very well. That is why they introduced the 24-Hour Flexible Policy.

United 24-hour Flexible Booking Policy provides the freedom to change the selected reservations within the 24-hour of booking and ticketing, without paying any change fee. However, the change fee may not incur only if you had made the reservation one week or more before the scheduled flights depart.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the United 24-hour Flexible Booking?

The terms and conditions of the United 24-hour flexible booking are mentioned below:

  • The 24-hour time frame starts the minute you book your flight.
  • The flexible tickets purchased by using the e-certificates are not included in this policy.
  • Group tickets come under the terms and conditions of the group tickets contract.
  • The tickets purchased using money + miles can not be changed within 24-hours of booking.
  • The MileagePlus member needs to cancel the itinerary first and then make a new booking.
  • This policy only applies to those tickets that are booked through the United City Ticket Offices,, Airport Ticket counters, and United Customer Contact Center.
  • Those tickets that have been held but not purchased yet are also excluded.
  • The amount will not be refunded which is paid for Any FareLock to hold the reservations.
  • The refunds request will be refunded in the original form of payment. However, the tickets purchased via the United Gift Certificate will be refunded only in the form of an e-travel certificate.

Fly with Flexibility- United 24-hour Flexible Booking Policy

You can cancel your flight or your reservation with no change fee if your trip is more than a day away from the departure date. Without paying any change fee, you can adjust your travel plans for the award tickets, for the tickets purchased within the U.S., and for international travel that is originating in the United States. It applies to all the premium cabin tickets and most of the United Economy.

However, basic economy tickets are not allowed to do any changes within 24-hours but they are still eligible for a full refund within 24 hours from booking. It consists of canceling your ticket and requesting a full refund of the ticket cost.

What is United Flexible Fares Refund Policy?

To get detailed information about the refund policy, read the ‘United Flexible Fares Refund Policy’ which is mentioned below:

  • You may qualify for the waiver of change or cancellation fee if your ticket has been purchased in the last 24 hours and also before one week or more from the scheduled departure flight.
  • Basic economy tickets are eligible for a full refund; however, they are not allowed for any changes.
  • After canceling your tickets, you need to fill the refund form and united will tell you if your tickets are eligible for a refund or not.
  • If your ticket is eligible for a refund then you will receive the refund in your original form of payment within the 7 days of business.
  • The processing time of refunds for the tickets that are purchased in international locations may vary.
  • Credit card refunds will take 7 business days to process whereas, other refunds may take up to 20 days to process.
  • If Covid-19 has impacted your travel plans, you may be eligible for a refund depending upon the flight’s schedule.
  • Sometimes, your refund amount will be based on different variables. For example, the calculation of the tickets that are traveled partially can be based upon the ticket purchased on the prorated amount.

Why Purchase United Flexible Seat?

When you are purchasing more expensive tickets, you should see your budget and your travel goals. And if you are considering earning the United MileagePlus Premier Elite status along with the flexibility to change your ticket then go for it. However, you do not need to purchase a United Flexible seat, if you are less concerned with the changing tickets and comfortable with all the rigidness and terms and conditions of tickets. Besides, you can use your insurance (purchased either from your credit card or third-party) to get this type of flexibility during unplanned situations. 

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Is there a United Flexible Fares Cancellation Fee?

If you had changed your flight or requested a refund for the united flexible seat, then you are entitled to pay a change or cancellation fee under terms and conditions. You can request a refund as long as you cancel your ticket before the departure for most of the United Flexible Seats.

Under the regulations of the U.S. Department of transportations, airlines require seven business days to process their refund.

If you are thinking of taking a different flight on a different day, then you can cancel your original itinerary and book yourself a new one. However, you need to pay the $150 as a change fee and also the difference fare if there is any.

It is also important how you paid for the tickets as it comes with additional benefits. For example, if you are paying with a credit card that has travel insurance, can take care of you in case of any emergency. If any chance you are not getting a full refund, then maybe your travel insurance can cover you for the fare difference.

Are United Flexible Fares Fully Refundable?

If you have a refundable ticket and also come under fully flexible fare then there will be no cancellation will be deducted. This type of ticket is eligible for a full refund. Whereas in the case of non-refundable tickets, you may get a refund in an e-credit form which has to be used within one year of the original issue date to rebook your flight.

What does a flexible economy mean for United Airlines?

The flexible economy on United Airlines is that one that allows you to make changes in your flight without any fee. Whereas in the economy, you will only receive an e-credit as a refund, and also if you had changed your flight then you need to pay $200 as a change fee.

Does United Airlines allow 24-hour cancellation?

Yes! You can cancel your travel up to 24-hours before the scheduled flight departure. If you are canceling your reservation, united will be refunding your ticket purchase but it may take up to 10% of your fare as a cancellation charge.