Decoding United Airlines Book a Flight Confirmation mail

Before we find a solution to why confirmation mail has not been sent to you, it is important to understand what is the job of a Confirmation mail. Try to think of it this way, remember when we were in school, everyone had a roll number so when the teacher calls out our name, we would mark our present. This roll number was used for our answer sheets, assigning group projects and so much more.

On a similar tangent, when you book use United Airlines Book Flight service to book a flight, you are given a 6-digit alphanumeric code which is your confirmation code. The confirmation code signifies that you have secured a seat for yourself in a United flight.

Confirmation number is also called “booking code”, “reservation number”,” Flight confirmation code”, and “Airline record locator”. So when you see any of these names, remember it’s all the same thing signifying you have made a successful reservation using United Airlines Book A Flight services.

Now confirmation code should not be confused with the PNR code. PNR is short for Passenger Name Record and has your passenger’s personal details which tie it together to the Confirmation code. This combination eliminates the chance of any confusion.

Why do you need United Airlines Book a Flight Confirmation number?

A confirmation code is not just necessary for you but also for the airline to locate your reservation and manage your existing booking. It is also used to check in United flight.

Reasons why you did not receive your United Airlines Book a Flight confirmation mail

Although it is a rare case when a person goes with United Airlines Book Flight and does not receive a confirmation e-mail after he/she has successfully made a reservation, but it happens. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it could happen;

  • Usually, you get the confirmation mail right away but sometimes the airlines take time to process all your details. In this case, be patient and wait for the e-mail.
  • If you have made a reservation by a travel agency or a third party, the airline will not send you the confirmation mail. In this case, contact your travel agency.
  • The email id that you have submitted to United may be different than the one you are using now. Please check your personal information by logging in to
  • Maybe the payment did not go through and the reservation has not been confirmed yet by the airlines. Check your credit card statement before contacting the airlines.

How do I find my United Airlines Book a Flight Confirmation Number?

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email at the email address you have provided to United. The email you will receive will include your confirmation number. It is written directly above your ticket number.

Your confirmation number may also pop up when you open your email on the screen in a bigger font.

The confirmation number is also on your boarding pass- both digital and printed copy of the boarding pass.

If you can’t find it anywhere on the places we have mentioned, reach out to United Airlines.

How to contact United Airlines?

United is a high user -friendly airline and has created several channels for its travelers to reach out to the airlines. When you have gone through United Airlines Book a Flight procedure and still haven’t received the confirmation email, try any one these following ways;



Reach out to their social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Register your complaint at

 United Airlines Contact Information:
Customer Care800-864-8331
United Reservation1-800-864-8331
Best Time To Dial3:15 PM
Current Wait20 Min
Alternative method to contactWeb, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram