United Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the business. They are very specific about their operational rules. The airlines ensure to provide top service and worry-free travel. And therefore, they have strict protocols for all matters. Even a United Airlines cancel non-refundable ticket has its certain set of rules. These are drafted to maintain equal treatment towards all its passengers and yet to maintain the class of service. 

As, a passenger, it is necessary that you are aware of both reservations and cancellations both. Most travelers will have knowledge about the process and requirements for reservations for flights but very little knowledge of cancellation. Even though, cancellation of refundable tickets can be easier as compared to non-refundable ones.  

Is a United Airlines cancel non-refundable ticket possible?

As is that United Airlines have very restricted rules. United Airlines is a premium airline that provides both economy and business class for the convenience of its passengers. Further, these rules are designed according to different classes and the type of ticket. Passengers will have to identify first, whether they have refundable or non-refundable tickets

Cancelation Policy with Refundable Tickets

The cancellation policy of refundable tickets is very basic. All passengers will be eligible for cancellation. Their amount of reservation will also be refunded. Passengers can easily process their cancellation from the Manage Booking section on the official portal. The ticket will be canceled and a refund will be processed

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United Airlines non-refundable ticket cancellation policy

However, the cancellation of non-refundable tickets can be complicated. Although United Airlines’ cancellation policy is similar to any other airline but differs in some matters. The cancellation policy is based on neutral grounds. Passengers will have to face consequences or losses if they cancel their tickets. Here are some important points that every passenger holding a non-refundable ticket should be aware of-

  • Passengers with United Airlines cancel non-refundable tickets will be possible. All passengers have the right to cancel their reservations. 
  • Cancellation charges will be applicable based on various factors- time of booking, distance to be traveled, time of cancellation, basic fare. 
  • All passengers will have a 24-hour policy, irrespective of their tickets. Any passenger that cancels their tickets within the first 24 hours will be allowed and receive a full refund. 
  • Some passengers can also opt to change flights. They will have to bear the cost of changes fees compulsorily. However, all non-refundable tickets will face losses or deductions while canceling.  

United Airlines refund non-refundable ticket

Passengers also have a major query with the refunds process for all non-refundable tickets. Well, the process and terms and conditions are quite simple. They are not at all confusing. Cancellation charges will be applicable for sure. And the answer to the question of whether or not a United Airlines refund non-refundable ticket is possible would be-

Yes, even Non-Refundable tickets will get refunds. But there are certain policies to go through first. United Airlines does offer refunds after the cancellation of tickets. An amount will be deducted from the ticket fare as cancellation charges. Here is a breakdown of the same-

Cancellation Charges Applicable on United Airlines cancel non-refundable ticket

Ticket TypeCancellation Charges
Basic Economy Non-RefundableNot Applicable.
Other Class Non-RefundableDomestic Flights Up to $200 International Flights Up to $400.
Within 24-hoursFull Refund.

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Exceptions against United Airlines non-refundable ticket cancellation policy

  • All United Airlines flights that are canceled by the airline will be exempted by the United Airlines non-refundable ticket cancellation policy. They will be liable for a full refund, no questions asked. And if the passengers seek new united airlines reservations against the cancellation, airlines are bound to provide them.
  • If the passenger holds a connecting flight ticket and covers half the journey, he will have to bear the cancellation charges only for the other half. And the rest will be returned, excluding the fare that has already been used in the travel. 
  • In case, the passenger, co-passenger, family, or close relative passes away, they will be applicable for a refund. But, proper papers have to be submitted by the passenger as evidence for the same, with the request of refund.  
  • Further, if the flight has been delayed due to technical errors or air traffic, passengers are liable to request a full refund or rescheduling of the tickets, free of cost. 
  • Similarly, for connecting flights, if you have traveled halfway and the connecting flight has been canceled due to any reason by the airline, you can claim it. Passengers can claim accommodation, reservation in any next upcoming flight, or a full refund for the remaining travel distance.

Timeline for a refund for United Airlines non-refundable ticket cancellation policy

All passengers can apply for a refund. There is a systematic way to complete the cancelation process. 

Step 1: Passengers will have to log in to the United Airlines portal using the Reference Number and Last Name. 

Step 2: Go to Manage Booking. Then Cancel the Ticket. 

Step 3: Complete the process of cancellation by confirming.

Raise a request for a Refund for your United Airlines cancel non-refundable ticket. If you have paid for the ticket through Online Payment, after deductions, the amount will be reverted through the same portal. And if you have made reservations through any other method, you may have to provide your bank details or choose to convert the amount into Credit Balance to your United Airlines Portal. This Credit can be used later for traveling. And to refund, it will take a maximum of 7 working days. 

Note: Provide accurate and correct details of the ticket, passenger traveling, and other information

How do I know if my United ticket is refundable?

It is always best that you book your united airlines tickets. United Airlines is available for booking through an online portal, application, and customer service. Thus, you have the full opportunity to check before confirming the reservations. Still, if you are unaware, you may try these simple ways-

  • Through the Website-

First, you will have to download your ticket from the Portal. Go to the website and Log-in with the information required. Then, you may go to Manage Booking. From the drop-down list, select the print ticket. After you print it, it will be mentioned on the ticket. 

  • Through Mobile Application-

Passengers can log in using their requisite details. Check on Upcoming Flights. Click on the flight reservation that you want to confirm. It will display all the information.

And if you are still wondering or confused as to how do I know if my United ticket is refundable? Then here is a simple trick. You can check for any initials on the ticket that indicates any one of these-


Tickets indicating either one will be a non-refundable ticket. Further, you may proceed with the cancellations of your ticket. 

Hence, now you know that United Airlines cancel non-refundable tickets is allowed and also allows refunds. Now, you can easily book and cancel both refundable and non-refundable tickets easily.

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