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Found in 1926. United Airlines is one of the major American airline with its headquarters based  in Chicago- Illinois. United Airlines has a large operating route for domestic and international flights. It covers cities across the United states and the 6 continents.  United Airlines is the third largest airline in the world measured by its fleet size and the number of routes covered. United Airlines started commencing its operations on March 28th 1931. The airline has 8 hubs with Chicago being the largest hub. Other hubs are Denver, Gum, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco and Washington. United Airlines is a member of Star Alliance. The frequent flyer program at United Airlines is known as Mileage Plus. United Airlines has a fleet size of 827. It covers  342 destinations in total with 79 Domestic and 111 International destinations. United Airlines has flights in 74 countries including the US across Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Oceania. There are 4900 operating United Airlines flights every single day.

United Airlines Change Flight Policy

Everyone gets emergencies that cannot be avoided and changes are inevitable. With united airlines you can cancel or change your tickets within 24 hours of making the reservation and get your money returned if there is a week or more to  the departure. You can cancel or change your flight on the official website of United airlines of the United App. United airlines offers more flexibility in flying than any other airlines so you can fly with flexibility hassle free. You can change your United Airlines flight without any fee if there’s 24 hours or more to departure.

You can even change your award tickets and other flights within the United States without any additional fee. You will just have to pay the difference amount in your tickets. You can even change the cabin class from  premium to business and just pay the difference amount.

If there is a change in award ticket other than the U.S. there won’t be a change fee if the ticket is changed 30 days prior to the departure but the difference amount is still to be paid.

The basic economy class tickets are not entitled to change in a case other than if you’d like to take an early flight. However with the new United airlines flight change policy, you can even change your economy flights till March 31, 2021 without any fees.

You can also change to a different flight on a same day with United Airlines flight change policy.

The premium members get some additional benefits for flight changes. They can make the flight changes within 24 hours of departure. They can confirm a seat in another flights within 24 hours to the scheduled departure without any fees. A fare difference may apply or a premium member can always fly for free. 

For other travelers or the frequent flyers you can confirm a seat on another flight for the same day within 24 hours for the scheduled departure time. The fare difference may apply. You can always standby for free if your fare class is not available.

The basic economy class tickets are not eligible to changes on different flights but you can always stand by for other flights within 24 hours to your original departure.

If you are unable to confirm a seat on another flight or a fee is applicable a standby option is always life savior. You can join the standby list for an early flight for free.

There won’t be any change fee in United airlines change flight if you are travelling within the U.S. including places like Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico. Between the U.S. and Mexico and to international destinations from the United states.

If you are a frequent flyer you’ll get additional benefits with more flexibility on United Airlines flight change and you will be able to confirm a seat on an earlier flight with no fees.

How to make United Airlines flight change?

Here are the steps to help you make the United Airlines flight change in the best possible way.

  1. Open the official website of United Airlines.
  2. Then open the change flight option on the website.
  3. Then you will be required to add a few details like confirmation code, first name, last name and all other details that are required.
  4. Click on the continue button then you will be direct to the page where you can access your itinerary.
  5. Now you will be able to make the necessary changes you need to make in your flight.
  6. After you confirm the changes you will be sent an email for the confirmation about the United Airlines Flights Status.

Connect with the agents at United Airlines customer support

You can connect with the executives at United Airlines customer support to get the information regarding United airlines flight change. The team is always available to serve the customer in the best ways to make their flying experience with United airlines the best one. The representatives are available round the clock to assist the customers to make their journey hassle and stress free.


Q1. Can I  change my flight to a day prior or a day later?

Yes you can. But to get it changed at no cost you must fall under the eligible category to be able to avail a free change.

Q2. Can the departure or arrival airport be changed?

Yes the airport can be changed for arrival or departure but you will have to pay the change fee and the fare difference.

Q3. How do I change my flight on the departure day for free?

Premium members are eligible for this change. For other customers the fare difference may apply even if the same fare is available.

Q4. Can I change my route on the departure day?

Yes you can. Only if the fare allows new routing and there are no changes in the airports. Routes can’t be changed on standby.


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