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United Airlines or simply known as United is a major American airline known for its world-class services. With an impressive fleet size of 784 aircraft, United provides its services to 342 destinations in 74 countries including the US across Asia, Americas, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. It’s headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois, and has seven hubs. United is one of the founding members of the Star Alliance (the world’s largest airline alliance) and employs over 86,000 people. The airline has an extensive presence in the Asia-Pacific region, because of its large domestic and international route network. Regional service of the airline is operated by independent carriers under the brand name of United Express. Together, United Airlines and United Express operate around 1.7 million flights carrying more than 158 million customers annually. To provide only the best to its customers, United Airlines has flexible policies. Add more convenience in your travel experience, know about your United Airlines Flights Status anytime, anywhere.

In this blog- read about “Special Assistance Travel Needs” of United Airlines. You can avail United Airlines Flights Status easily.

United and United Express wheelchair equipment        

Passengers can request the airline for the wheelchair equipment if they need it.

Airport wheelchair

United Airlines offers the service of wheelchairs for passengers with disabilities to use at each of their airports. The airline recommends requesting a wheelchair in advance before the day of travel through the United Accessibility Desk within the U.S. or Canada. If the passenger is contacting the airline from elsewhere than they should contact the Accessibility Desk. At the airport, the passenger needs to notify a United representative or skycap (if skycap service is available at that airport) that he/she requires a wheelchair for transportation to the departure gate.

Note- The usual breadth of the wheelchairs is 18 inches (45.7 cm). Aisle wheelchairs

United Airlines also has the service of aisle wheelchairs for transferring non-ambulatory passengers to and from their seats on the aircraft.

Onboard wheelchairs

The service of onboard wheelchair is available in every aircraft with more than 60 seats. These wheelchairs are specially designed, to fit properly in the aisle of the aircraft. Flight attendants will assist the passenger if they need any help.

Accessible boarding

If the airport does not has jet-bridges available. In this situation, a mechanical lift, passenger assists lift, ramp or a stair chair physically carried by airline personnel (in international locations only), may be used for boarding and de-boarding.

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United Airlines has different rules for different types of Wheelchair equipment.

Manual Wheelchairs

Travelers, who requested for pre-boarding, have priority to have their folding wheelchair stowed on board upon request. All of United’s aircraft have enough space to accommodate at least one adult-sized wheelchair. To ensure proper handling and loading, provide enough information to United Airline’s employees. Detachable items such as seat cushions, removable side-guards and footrests can be carried in the cabin or tagged and stowed with the chair in the cargo bin.

Powered Equipment, Carts, and Wheelchairs

Powered equipment will not be disassembled. The batteries should be left attached, whenever the scooter and/or wheelchair will fit upright through the aircraft bin door. If the size of the aircraft bin door prohibits this, airport personnel may ask the passenger for instructions on how to disassemble the equipment. It is helpful if the passenger carries the assembly/disassembly instructions along with the type of battery used.

Batteries on powered equipment should remain attached whenever the scooter and/or wheelchair will fit upright through the aircraft bin door. Batteries should be identified as spillable, non-spillable or lithium-ion so the ground staff can establish proper dangerous goods handling. Dry and gel cell batteries are considered non-spillable and fewer handling requirements are necessary. It is helpful if the passenger has this information ready and available for the employees. Battery packs with cracks and/or damage will not be accepted for transportation.

Spillable battery:

Wet cell batteries are classified as spill-able and special preparation must be made before being air transported. The battery will be accepted by the airline when the following items are met:

  • Battery should not has any defect upon visual inspection, which includes removal of the battery, if required
  • The battery must be disconnected and terminals are insulated to prevent short circuits
  • The wheelchair can be loaded, stowed, secured and unloaded in an upright position
  • If the battery is removed, it must be carried in a United Airlines approved box under the following conditions:
  • The battery container must be strong and leak- proof
  • The packaging must be leak-proof and impervious to battery fluid.
  • The battery should be packed securely to avoid short circuits.
  • The battery container should have enough absorbent material to completely absorb liquid contents in the event of rupture of the battery.

Non-spillable battery:

Dry cell and gel cell batteries will be treated as non-spillable and need fewer requirements if necessary for their air transportation. If the power source of the passenger’s wheelchair or mobility aid is a non-spillable battery and can be stowed upright in the cargo bin of the aircraft. In this situation, the battery should not need to be removed in the following conditions:

  • The wheelchair must have at least one effective resource to prevent accidental activation or possible short-circuiting
  • If there is no resource to prevent accident in the devices, then the battery cables will be removed and the battery terminals will be insulated to prevent short circuits
  • The battery must be securely attached to the wheelchair and fully enclosed in a rigid housing that is properly marked

Lithium-ion battery:

Lithium batteries can easily overheat and ignite and it is very difficult to control the situation. These batteries will put in other batteries type category. Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous material for which the following restrictions apply:

  • The wheelchair must have at least one effective resource to prevent accidental activation or possible short-circuiting
  • In the case of a collapsible mobility device, the battery must be removed and cannot exceed 300-watt-hours.
  • In the case of a non-collapsible device, Federal Regulations allow for one large lithium-ion battery to be transported installed in the device and up to two spare batteries to be transported in carry-on baggage. There is no particular watt-hour limit for installed batteries. If the passenger has a spare battery, it must not exceed 300-watt hours. If the passenger has two spare batteries, they must not exceed 160-watt hours each.

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