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Endless Opportunities Are Waiting For You:  United Airlines Mileage Plus

Famous in the world, United Airlines is one of the premium airlines flying to several destinations across the world. With its exceptional services, many travel seekers look for different opportunities to join themselves with this exclusive airline. If you are thinking to connect with this top-notch airline, then you can have an idea of United Airlines Mileage Plus. There are endless opportunities you receive when you feel about making trips, whether it’s a business trip or a family trip with United Airlines.

United Airlines has also boasted its top-notch rewards for frequent flyers who are part of United Airlines Miles. You receive a plethora of perks when you become a part of it. You can go to different destinations for less money when you become a frequent flyer of United Airlines.

Know About United Mileage Plus:

If you never heard of the Frequent flyer program of United Airlines, then United Airlines Mileage Plus is an exclusive frequent flyer program, which is part of Star Alliance. It is currently operating in several countries for travellers to explore and also is operating seven luxurious hubs across the world. The Mileage Plus program is dedicated to fulfilling many travellers’ dreams to help them achieve travel destinations off the bucket list. With the help of United Airlines Miles, you can travel to many destinations and save a lot on your budget.

Pros And Cons Of United Mileage plus

The exclusive United MileagePlus program is having a lot of benefits for travel seekers who loved travelling like anything and also have some cons,


United Airlines Mileage Plus always receives top-notch ratings among the programs of frequent flyer for the sheer variety of award ticket, different perks, and redemption options that give a top value for high-tier elite status. As you may be aware, United Airlines is a key member of Star Alliance, and United Airlines can benefit the traveller by travelling with the partner airlines.  They can also redeem high-value awards, including luxurious first-class flights on Lufthansa and the same as other partner airlines. With daily operation flights across the world by United and its partners, the award ticket redemption is endless.

Travellers receive other advantages, including a permitted one-way flight, United Excursionist advantage, and other ticketing options for reservations. It is also one of the many biggest airlines that have never tack fuel taxes for award ticket reservations.


The two vast cons of the United Airlines Mileage Plus program is its lackluster and below-average mile value which has its advantages for its lowermost elite tier. Travel seekers who are spending a significantly less thousand dollar every year on flights may not find the United States Worthy enough for the advantages delivered at the Silver premier level. The program is best and suits those frequent flyer traveller who is the actual travellers of United Airlines.

How Much Are United Miles Worth?

According to present information, United Airlines miles are worth 1.6 cents per mile. United Airlines miles are more efficient than miles from American Airlines miles (1.0 cents), Delta (1.3 cents) and Southwest Airlines (1.5 cents) and equivalent to JetBlue (1.6 cents).

Eventually, however, your decision of a frequent flyer exclusive program will likewise rely upon factors past the estimation of the miles, for example, where you live, where you fly, and the estimation of tip-top status advantages.

How To Earn United Miles?

You must be looking for a way to earn miles? Well, you receive free flights and other amazing rewards, but how can you earn United Airlines Miles?

You receive several ways to earn exclusive United Airlines Miles to get complimentary flights and other kinds of rewards. Opening a credit card with United Airlines and having a welcome bonus benefit are the ways you can earn United Airlines miles for. Following are the ways through which you can know how to make miles and how you can increase your balance for Mileage Plus Account:

Star Alliance partners

You can earn United Airlines Miles when you buy any other flight with United Airlines partners, which are star alliance partners. When you buy Star Alliance flights, you can earn miles through it. If you believe any ticket for a flight which is run by a partner airline of United Airlines, then you are going to earn miles. If you are buying flights by a partner airline but not under United Airlines’ name, then you still earn Miles but which is going to be based on both purchased fare class and flight distance.

Credit cards

The other best way to earn United Airlines Miles instantly is to look for United Airlines credit card facility. You can earn a generous sign-up bonus point that makes you travel to your destination without any charges at all. You can also earn miles and redeem them for your everyday spending. If you want to fly fewer times, you can save a huge amount on the baggage for United airlines and make it worth for the next time to travel with a Credit Card facility.

United flights

If you think purchasing flights for United Airlines is easy and affordable, take this advice on buying flights and earn more miles for your next flights. The more flights you buy, the more destinations you save for your future to explore. United Express and United Airlines itself are operating the miles you are earing for purchasing the flights. It depends on the dollar amount of the fare and the tier of the exclusive United elite status.

To become a member of the United Airlines Mileage Plus program, you sign for the program. After the membership, you earn five miles for every dollar amount you will spend on United Airlines Flights. If you have Elite status, then you can get more miles.

Elite Status                Award miles per $1
Premier Silver7
Premier Gold8
Premier Platinum9
Premier 1K®11

MileagePlus Dining

Mileage Plus Dining delivers you an authentic and simple way to earn miles if you want to go out to restaurants and have a lot of fun with your loved ones. Once you join United Airlines Mileage Plus, you get a free benefit of linking your credit card, finding restaurants that are part of the program so that you can have this amazing service.

You can also look for amazing rewards for joining Mileage Plus Dining, which gives you 2500 miles to earn when you get Dining’s service. Following are the levels of Mileage Plus when you earn for dining, you can choose for what level you go for:

For Basic members — When you are thinking to choose, rejection to MileagePlus Dining emails (1 mile per $2 spent)

For Select members — When you are going to receive MileagePlus Dining emails (3 miles per $1 spent)

For VIP members — When you agree to become a premium member of the program, and you have already completed 11 transactions of the year (5 miles per $1 spent)

As soon as you are going to complete the pending transactions, you will upgrade the level you are holding for United Airlines Mileage Plus.


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