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United Airlines Pet Policy

Are you traveling with United Airlines and want your pet to accompany you? Well, your pet is most welcome to accompany you on the flight. United Airlines completely understands that you are close to your pet and consider as your family. United Airlines is ready to serve you and help you to travel with your beloved pet. 

However, United Airlines Pet Policy follow the rules regarding the pet policy. They have to be fulfilled no matter what, to be allowed in the cabin. United Airlines is ranked as the best airline for the east coast travel for pets. 

Pets to travel by flights are required to be small to fit in the space under the seat for in-cabin travels. And the animals that are big or do not fit in are transferred by Pet Safe Program. Where you leave your pet at the airport and receive it at the destination. It is a very safe journey for the animals. They are taken care of very well. They are boarded in just before take-off so that they don’t get suffocated, and if there are and connecting or long haul, they are shifted to care shelter on the airport or some other private space for rest. All in all, your pets would remain in the best hands and taken good care of during the flight.

What animals eligible for in-cabin travels?

For in-cabin travels, the pets are supposed to fit in these criteria-

  • A pet that is traveling in the cabin should be carried in a hard or soft-sided kennel only. The kennel should remain under the seat at all times during the flight. 
  • The size for hard-sided kennels should be 17.5 inches x 12 inches x 7.5 inches (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm).
  • The size of a soft-sided kennel should be 18 inches x 11 inches x 11 inches (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm).
  • Airlines also ask for a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health certificate) issued before ten days of travel. 
  • It is a rule by the federal regulations that the pet should be at least eight weeks old on the travel day and trained well for their feeding schedules on a minimum of 5 days before the travel.
  • The pet should be a maximum of 20 pounds to be allowed for in-cabin travel. 

What are in-cabin animals?

Domestic cats and dogs are allowed for in-cabin travels. In-cabin pets are to be carried as carry-on baggage, and an extra amount of $125 is to be paid for a one-way trip. Pets are to travel on the same flight as their owners. Pets are to be ensured that they are fit to travel. Unfit or sick, mentally disturbed, or aggressive pets are not allowed to board the flight.

As per the United Airlines Pet Policy, an animal capable of emotional support is eligible to be accompanied on a flight. A dog, a cat, a pot-bellied pig, or a miniature horse can be allowed for in-cabin travel with valid documents.

United Airlines Pet Policy – How to book for your pet?

To book for your pet, you are supposed to inform way ahead of traveling. While booking your tickets on the site and adding the number of passengers, follow the prompt which indicates PETS IN-CABIN. Also, for adding your pet after the flight booking is completed, you may simply go to MANAGE RESERVATIONS on the official website and add the required details of your pet. 

NOTE: As per the United Airlines Pet Policy, only four pets are allowed as in-cabin in each flight of United Airlines. Any passenger carrying in-cabin pets is to be seated on the window seat to avoid the hassle. Another reason is that there is limited space in the middle and aisle seat to place your pet’s carrier.

When and how to check-in?

  1. It is required to contact the reservations 48 hours before departure.
  2. You may check-in at the check-in counter.
  3. Take some extra time for check-in. Pets cannot be checked-in any time before 4 hours before the take-off. 
  4. Complete the check-in by consulting an agent at the check-in entrance and get a pet tag at the carrier of the pet.
  5. A health certificate is compulsory to be provided.


There are few restrictions to be followed while carrying an in-cabin pet. The flight you are traveling on should have enough space to be carried in-cabin pet. Passengers carrying in-cabin pets are not to be seated at the emergency exit row or bulkhead.

The Premium Plus class of United Airlines does not allow in-cabin pets as there is not enough storage space. 

Premium cabins allow only two pets at a time only in the Boeing Aircrafts.

The economy class allows four in-cabin pets in one flight only.

Documents required

Every state requires various documents in order to allow the animals to enter the state. While traveling inside the USA, a health certificate is required stating that all the vaccines are given, and the certificate should not be more than 30 days. To travel anywhere across the globe, it is recommended to check each state’s list before traveling for pet policy. It differs from state to state vastly.

In-cabin Pet at the Airport-

As soon as you arrive at the airport, contact United Airlines staff for assistance with your in-cabin pet. They will guide you through the entire check-in process. You will be given a yellow tag to be attached to the carrier of your in-cabin pet.

While onboard-

While you are on board, the in-cabin pet is supposed to be kept underneath the seat at all times. There is no compromise regarding this. The pet is not supposed to be taken out of the carrier. The pet is not allowed to be seated at the lap of the passenger or the tray table. 

In case the pet is required to pee, you are supposed to carry along a pee mat for the pet. You may carry the pet to the washroom and lay the pee mat for your pet. Once it is done, you are supposed to take the in-cabin pet back to your seat and place it back underneath the seat.

In case of any emergency during the flight, the pet will not be given any oxygen mask.


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