The COVID-19 Impact on the World

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every part of the world. It has led to loss of human life. Its spread has destroyed the economies and it has made some business shut and others count costs. There is a major impact on the stock market due to the COVID. The coronavirus left a major impact on the jobs of people. People are facing salary cuts and the unemployment level has raised to another level. There are food crisis in the economy due to the coronavirus. The worsened situation lead to lockdown in the world to better the increasing coronavirus cases. As, the cases around the world as still on rising graph. If you want to travel with United Airlines, please check the flight availability and United Airlines Covid policy on United Airlines Reservations before booking.

Impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry

COVID-19 left a devastating impact on the airline industry. An average of 4.8 million jobs have been lost due to the COVID in the airline industry. Cargo flights operated during the pandemic to transport necessities mostly medical equipment to the areas in need. The citizens were sent home from borders with special flights.

Since the operations for mostly airlines have resumed, United Airlines has also resumed its operations. They are now taking all the precautions and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can now travel hassle free to all the operating routes and book your United Airlines Reservations.

The travel before COVID was hassle and stress free. There were no formalities and security checks as such. Now, the situation is changed there are temperature checks being done, proper sanitization being done and social distancing being maintained. Wearing of face covering is mandatory for every person above the age of 2 years.

Impact of COVID -19 on United Airlines

The operations were shut and United Airlines cost cuts include a large number of flight attendants. 14000 employees at United Airlines were not paid due to the shortage of funds. 7400 employees have opted for an early retirement. 36000 employees jobs were at risk. The employees were sent on an unpaid leave and were informed to be called back once the operations will resume.

Get United Airlines Reservations for these Currently Operating Routes

United Airlines is currently operating to almost all the destinations. Here’s a guide to the operating routes of United Airlines. Make the United Airlines Reservations online and get additional benefits and discounts along.

The list to United Airlines Routes after the COVID-19 impact are:-

New MexicoHawaii
MarylandNew Hamisphire

The destinations that have stopped operations currently with United Airlines

As the situation has moved towards betterment, all the destinations have resumed their operations with United Airlines. Now you can travel to a destination of your choice with United Airlines availing all the facilities.

The Safety Measures being taken care by United Airlines to prevent COVID-19

The safety measures are being taken care of at the airport as well as in the aircraft. Following are the measures being taken by United Airlines:-

  • The high touch areas are being disinfected frequently. Like the charging points, seats, handles, counters etc.
  • Sanitizers and wipes are being provided to all the passengers.
  • Wearing a face covering or mask is mandatory at all times.  Disposable masks are being provided to anyone who needs it.
  • Self check-in is promoted to avoid contact.
  • Passengers are even required to scan their own boarding pass.
  • Using the United App for contact less travel assistance.
  • Temperature checks are being done for all the passengers as well as the staff members.
  • Social distancing is being maintained at all times at the airport and while boarding.
  • The contact between passengers and crew is being reduced while the food and beverage service.
  • Using UVC to disinfect sensitive surfaces like pilot’s desk, touchscreens etc.
  • Airports map is provided on the app to make the connections easier and contactless.
  • Passengers can now check their baggage online through the app.