Guide to new same day flight change policy of United Airlines

SDG is the abbreviated form of “same-day change” and is a popular term among frequent travellers. It is an option offered by most airlines to replace your reservation with a new reservation. The new reservation is confirmed to the same destination, just on a different itinerary. United made the option of same-day change free of charge for all Mileage Plus elite members from January 01, 2021.

What to expect from United Airlines same day Flight Changes ?

Let’s look at a few things you should know about same day changes when you make United Airlines Reservations.

The passenger and everyone traveling on the passenger’s reservation should have international United Airlines Reservations, with ticket number starting from “016”. United or United aircraft should be responsible for managing your itinerary.

The policy is applicable to the travels done within the U.S, between U.S, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and other destinations from the U.S.

The charges will be incurred only for Basic Economy fares. Therefore keep in mind which kind of ticket you have purchased.

The request can be made by the passenger 24 hours prior to his/her scheduled flight. The passengers can switch to a United Airlines Change Flight departing 24 hours before or after the original flight.

United does not allow the passenger to make changes in the origin and destination airports. However, connections can be added or removed.

United shows more flexibility in United Airlines Change Flight and same-day flight change than any other of its competitors.

There will be no change fees for United Airlines Reservations done under the following travel classes-


Economy Plus

United First

United Business

United Premium Plus

Charges will be incurred for fare difference if the airline does not have United Airlines Reservations for your original fare.

What is the difference between same day and stand by

Many passengers confuse same day flight change with stand-by flight. Although both are considered last-minute flight changes, there is a clear difference between the two.

Same day United Airlines Change Flight is a confirmed change, while stand-by is not a confirmed change. In the latter passenger retains his/her original ticket until it is informed that a seat has been opened up on his/her desired flight.

Earlier, United was charging 75 USD to grant confirmation on stand-by seats, but from January 2021, all the passengers were made eligible for free standby. To get their names added to the stand-by list, passengers must inform the airline 30 minutes before domestic flights and 1 hour before departure of international flights. They can use any one of the three portals provided by the airline – United’s official website, App or at the airport.

The priorities are set as per the fare class of the original United Airlines Reservations. The seat assignment is done automatically for stand-by travellers.

How to perform same day changes on United Airlines Reservations

On the United’s App, during check-in, click on “Search other flight options.” Alternative routings that will be departing in the next 24 hours will appear on your screen. The seat maps and flight status will also be displayed. If you have already done your check-in, you can still opt for same-day changes. Just click on “Trip Details” on the home page of the App.

If you wish to perform United Airlines Change flight for same day changes on the website, you can achieve the same operations there as well. Just click on the “Change Flight” option available on the reservations page. Many frequent travelers have said that App works faster than the website.

The third option is to make your way to the check-in kiosk at the airport and request the concerned staff the seat maps and flight status of other flights.

The last option is to use United’s info-dense flight status reports. Enter your origin and departure cities. Carefully go through seat maps and stand-by lists on each flight and find a routing that fits your requirements.

Important points to remember to make the best of your same-day changes

Keep in mind that the 24-hour same day flight change frame is prone to fluctuation. If your itinerary included staying the night at a place, you might have to wait for the brackets to shift. United Airlines Reservations usually start to fill up in the closing hours.

Suppose you have gone through the App and the official website but couldn’t find your preferred routing. In that case, you can call United Airlines customer service and provide the flights you picked out and request them to make same-day changes for you. Be patient with the agent while also being consistent with your approach. Don’t get frustrated when the customer support says that they can’t find any flight that fits your route.

You can also contact United directing by addressing their Twitter account. Remember to follow twitter guidelines and don’t sound angry or disrespectful in your tweet.

You can also take advantage of the new option available on United’s App, known as “Chat Tool.”

What should be your takeaway from this?

The takeaway should be that United Airlines Reservations provide you with more flexibility now. It is vital on your part to get explicit knowledge of them. We have tried to make things simpler for you, but in case we missed out on anything or if things are not clear, you can always contact United and get impeccable service. With no change fees on stand-by and same day change (on eligible fares), United is evolving into a better version of itself.