United Airlines is best known for providing the best facilities to its passengers on all flights. United Airlines also offers a plethora of allowances and various packages that make their travel cheaper and convenient. As per the united airline’ baggage policy, students can also carry musical instruments on board along with a personal item that can fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger.

Students on united airlines flights get various amenities and discounts. Students have a decent baggage policy along with musical instruments and sports equipment. They also carry extra baggage along with them.

Do students get an extra baggage allowance?

Students in United airlines flights can easily carry extra baggage allowance. They have to pay a standard charge for oversized and overweight bags costing up to $432. The baggage rules apply according to the policy. Carry-on bags must be within the dimension allowance that is 9 inches* 14 inches *22 inches. If students are carrying excess baggage, they will be have to pay regular excess baggage rates as applied. United Airlines allows students to carry 2 bags of standard size if the passenger is traveling in premium economy class.

On business class and first-class flights, passengers can carry 2 items of 23kg each. Students on united airlines flights from Switzerland/ Vietnam/ Sri Lanka get a 30% discount on baggage fees.

Other than that there’s no special baggage allowance for students on united airlines flights. United Airlines allows 1 standard bag to the passengers traveling in economy class. Any other additional bag costs USD 100. Normally excess baggage prices are higher at the airport than online. Dimensions allowed for bags are 29* 20.2* 12.5 inches. For the passengers traveling with a basic economy ticket, they can only carry personal items along with them on-board.

Get all the information you need for flying with carry-on bags and checked bags along with any other special items on the official website of united airlines. As per the baggage policy, united airlines allow military personnel to check a certain number of bags for free. The baggage size and number of bags allowed depending on the cabin class, flight duration, etc.

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How much baggage is allowed in United Airlines for students?

United Airlines does not provide any specific baggage allowance for student travelers. It does allow basic allowance that is for everyone.

Here’s the baggage allowance provided to passengers on united airlines flights:-

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers can also bring a carry-on if it fits in the overhead bin. The maximum dimensions or the bag allowed is 9 inches* 14inches *22 inches including handles and wheels.

Personal Item

Personal items carried should fit under the seat in front of you, The maximum dimensions allowed for the personal items are 9 inches * 10 inches* 17 inches.

Other items that are passengers can carry are:-

The items that passengers can take along with the carry-on bag and personal items also include a jacket, umbrella, books, food, assistive device, diaper bag, breast pump, camera, etc.

Passengers can check the size of at the airport at the bag sizer counter.

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How much luggage a student can carry?

Students can carry the normal baggage that every other passenger can carry. There’s no special luggage allowance as such. Baggage allowance is as per the cabin class passenger is traveling in.

The economy class passengers can carry one bag of 23kg per passenger. The business, first and Polaris business class passengers can carry 2 items each weighing 32kg as checked baggage.

Can I check 3 bags on United?

Three bags can be checked in for united airlines flights. However, for economy class passengers checked baggage is paid so the passengers have to pay for every item of luggage checked.

In other classes like business, first-class, premium economy passengers can carry 2 items each so they have to pay an additional fee for the third checked bag.

The fees for checked baggage can be seen online on the official site at the baggage calculator option available.

However, there are few tips that need to be kept in mind regarding baggage is:-

  • Passengers who have to check-in at the airport, need to reach early.
  • Passengers can pay baggage fees online as well as offline.
  • Keep the baggage claim check safe for the future.