In previous some time especially during the COVID days, people have to cancel or postpone their travel plans. Whenever one cancels their travel plans the first question that arises in their mind is related to a refund. After making the cancellation of bookings people are worried about their refund amount.

It is important that people choose the right airline for their air trip so that they do not have to face any issues later on. Talking about one of the most prominent airlines we cannot miss talking about United Airlines. For the last so many years United Airlines is there working according to the needs of their customers. 

If you decide to cancel the bookings of United Airlines and want to ask for the refund amount then there is no complicated process that you need to follow. United Airlines allows its customers to request for a refund in a very easy way. Furthermore, people can make the whole refund process easy by visiting This information here is your detailed guide on the united refund.

What is the United Airlines Refund Policy?

Before an individual proceed to know about the ways of getting the refund amount it is important that one is aware of the refund policy of United Airlines. Though one can always visit and go through all the information associated with the refund. Through the information given below one will get an overview of the refund policy which will definitely make the refund process easier. 

At First, a flyer is eligible for getting the refund only when they make the cancellation of their booking within 24 hours of the purchasing time.   
Furthermore, for all the passengers who hold the ticket for basic economy flights, they cannot ask for a refund if they missed the 24 hours window. This means you are not eligible for getting a refund after 24 hours of making the reservation.   
Lastly, people who have flexible ticket fares, then go ahead to request for refund within 24 hours of buying the ticket.   

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How to Get a Refund from United Airlines

After knowing about the refund policy, next important thing is to know about the ways of getting the refund. There is not just one but different ways through which one can go ahead to ask for refund as each flyer differs from one another. So, they might not be comfortable in using the same procedure. So, through the information below you will find all the ways using which one can ask for refund amount from United Airlines. 

Though every method set by United Airlines is very easy and one can follow it without any hassle, but it completely depends on every passenger to choose the best way for themselves. Let us now go through all the methods one can use to get the refund amount back.  

  • By visiting

First and foremost, one can go ahead to ask for the refund amount by simply visiting refunds. once they visit this site there are some very easy steps that they need to follow for completing the refund procedure. find out all the steps that one need to follow in this method. 

  • When the site opens, up you need to first enter your contact information. 
  • Furthermore, select the reservation for which you want the refund amount. Now again select the option of “add flight”. Moreover, continue by entering your last name in addition to your ticket number. 
  • In this step, one need to enter the reason because of which they are asking for the refund amount. 
  • For all the passengers who did not use their ticket they can scan the ticket here and then go ahead to ask refund request.  
  • Now enter your active email. This means you need to enter the mail which you actually use so that the airline can use it to get in touch with you. 
  • Press the option of “submit” after following the above steps. 

Lastly, when one follow all the steps in the right order the United airline will contact them and let them know about their refund request. 

  • Getting the Refund through Phone 

Furthermore, for all the individuals who are not very comfortable with using the online method of asking for a refund united airline has the facility of the phone for them. Furthermore, one can go ahead to make the refund procedure hassle-free by just getting in touch with the travel expert using the phone number. Once you use this number you will be able to ask all your queries associated with refund to the team members of united airlines. 

  • Through Mail 

In addition to the above methods, one can even use the method of mail set by United Airlines. Once an individual open, they will find the mail address which they need to use. To get the refund using this method there are certain things which you need to mention the list of those things are given below- 

Nature of your request   
Detailed flight information   
Ticket number of the passenger   
And lastly contact details of the flyer   
Costs of Cancelling with United Airlines for Different Tickets

As there are different kinds of tickets that United Airlines offers so the cost of making the cancellation for those also differs. Let us now know about the charges of the same through the information given below. 

  • Basic economy ticket 

An individual is not eligible for making the cancellation for this type of ticket so one cannot expect any refund amount for the same. 

  • Refundable ticket 

For all the Flyers who have refundable tickets, they do not have to pay any cost or charges. 

  • No refundable tickets 

For this type of ticket, the passengers have to pay the charges Which range from $100 to $200. On the contrary, for international flights the charges vary from $200 to $400. 

Can I request for refund for basic economy ticket?

Yes, one can apply for refund for basic economy tickets. But only if they do it within 24 hours of making the booking.

On which conditions does the refund amount depend?

There are several factors on which it depends. Firstly, it depends on the segments flown on the ticket. Furthermore, it is decided on the basis if tickets are partially traveled.

How can I know about the refund information on detail?

One can visit and find detailed information on the refund procedure and policy.